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VIETMINDO coal mines, Uong Bi, QN, Vietnam: Coal exploration using wire-line core drilling system

Vietmindo, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, Vietnam: Indochina Geotechnics performing bore-hole logging to confirm parameters of coal seams

Phu Kham Tailings Dam – Laos PDR: Geotechnical investigation and instrumentation installation

Phu Kham Mine, Laos: Use of wire-line packers for Lugeon water permeability tests in a geotechnical borehole

KSO Gold Mine – Laksao, Bolikhamxay, Lao: Drilling of 300 m deep, inclined hole using Boart Longyear DB 525 hydraulic drill

KSO Gold Mine – Laksao, Bolikhamxay, Lao: Boart Longyear DB 525 hydraulic drill is moving to a new drilling location

Thong nhat Coal Mine, Quang Ninh –Vietnam: Drilling through 30m of un-compacted rockfill
using DTH overburden drilling system

Thong nhat Coal Mine, Quang Ninh –Vietnam: Wire-line core drilling using Boart Longyear DB 525

Nui Phao Mining, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam: Geotechnical investigation and instrumentation installation

Company Prospectus - Summary

Company Objectives

Indochina Geotechnics is an employee owned Joint Stock Company (JSC) established in May, 2009 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company is licensed for the promotion of geotechnical and mineral investigation, geotechnical engineering design, geotechnical construction, and geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring throughout all construction and mining industries in Vietnam and in the region.    

Company Activities and Specializations

Indochina Geotechnics is active throughout all of the Indochina countries of Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea. The head office is located in Hanoi Vietnam with project offices located as needed in Ho Chi Minh City; and in Vientiane and Laksao in the Lao PDR.

The company is licensed to provide a large range of services but its specialized fields can be listed as follows:

+ Geological survey and mineral exploration drilling

+ Geotechnical investigation

+ Geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring

+ Soil stabilization and grouting

Office and Facilities

Indochina Geotechnics maintains its head office adjacent to the highway to Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi. Additional facilities include a large secure warehouse, and workshop for the fabrication and repair of drilling equipment and engineering instrumentation.


Indochina Geotechnics has a very new and modern fleet of drilling equipment. Most of the drilling equipment is sourced from the Boart Longyear Company and is manufactured in Australia and Europe. The drilling equipment is safety certified and maintained to meet all Australia and EU standards for rotating machinery and drilling. The drilling equipment is supported by tooling provided by the Boart Longyear Company and other major international suppliers of drilling accessories. The company is also a leader in the use of advanced drilling fluids that are sourced from Australia.  

By using the advanced drilling equipment, tools and fluids, our well trained drilling teams can achieve very high production and core recovery rates in the toughest conditions of different mineral exploration or geotechnical investigation projects.

The company also has modern Boart Longyear manufactured construction drills for tie-back anchoring and for the installation of tie-back monitoring load cells and deformation monitoring instrumentation. 

For soil investigation jobs, the company use smaller mechanical core drills but the outputs still meet the highest requirements of international engineering companies thanks to high quality drilling and sampling tools as well as very strict quality supervision by our engineers.

Indochina Geotechnics has a complete set of readout and monitoring instruments for all kinds of geotechnical and civil engineering measurements. Included are multiple sets of instrumentation for inclinometer measurements, vibrating wire transducer measurement, load cell readings, piezometer measurements and other classes of instrumentation measurement and management. Transducers, inclinometer casing, drilling fluids and other supplies are kept in stock for rapid deployment


Indochina Geotechnics is managed by multi-lingual engineering and management staff with advanced technical degrees from universities outside Vietnam. All senior staff have been educated in the English language and are able to work with clients at a high level of English language speaking, reading and writing proficiency. Senior management is supported by more than 40 technical, field and office staff.