Equipment type



Date of manufacture
or factory rebuilding

Multi-purpose hydraulic drill

Boart Longyear (EU)

DeltaBase 520

New: 2010

Multi-purpose hydraulic drill

Boart Longyear (EU)

DeltaBase 525

New: 2009

Construction /
anchor drill

Boart Longyear


DeltaBase 80

Rebuilt: 2010

Construction /
anchor drill

Boart Longyear


DeltaBase 100

Rebuilt: 2010

Mechanical drills, spindle type


XY-100-4A; GK 180; GY 300

New: 2009 and 2011

Wire-line coring equipment

Boart Longyear,


Asahi, Indonesia

Various wire-line drill rods; core barrels and diamond tools, HWT, HQ and NQ sizes 

New: 2009 and 2010

Overburden Drilling Equipment


Symmetric overburden drilling tools, DTH hammers, bits

New: 2010

Geotechnical undisturbed sampling
 and testing equipment

USA, EU and Japan

Double and triple tube core barrels, hydraulic piston samplers; shelby tube samplers; wire-line packer test apparatus, Lugeon test apparatus

New: 2009 ; 2010 and 2011

Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand (USA)

HP 375WCU 375 cfm @ 150 psi (10.5 m 3 / min @ 10.5 bar)

New: 2006

Grouting equipment

Chinese; USA; EU

High pressure, high volume triplex water and grout pumps; Moyno positive displacement grout pumps; hydraulic mixers; inflatible packers

New: 2010

Drilling fluids

AMC; Australia

Various types of mud and polymer drilling fluids

New: Stock maintained in company warehouse

Geotechnical & structural instrumentation readout systems 

Durham Geo Slope Indicator,  (USA); SISGEO (Italy); Campbell Scientific (USA)

Inclinometer probe & readout with 120 m of control cables, vibrating wire data recorder, pneumatic indicator, strain gauge readout, water level indicators, tiltmeters, CR 1000 dataloggers

New: 2005 - 2010; stock of inclinometer casing maintained in company warehouse

CPTU equipment

A.P. Van den Berg, the Netherland

Piezocone readout systems

New: 2011

Transport vehicles

Ford and Toyota, USA and Japan

Dual cab 4WD pickup trucks and Land Cruisers

New: 2009 and 2010


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