Geotechnical Investigation

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Indochina Geotechnics performing geotechnical investigation and sampling to depths of 80m 
at Cam Pha, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Use of wire-line Packers for Lugeon Water Permeability Tests in Borehole

SPT Test Using Boart Longyear
DB 520 hydraulic

Offshore Soil Investigation at Thi Vai International Port Project, HCM, Vietnam

Extrude Soil Sample from Piston Sampler Casting Basin - HCM, Vietnam

Soil Investigation at Saigon East-West Highway, HCM, Vietnam

For soil investigation jobs, the company use smaller mechanical core drills but the outputs still meet the highest requirements of international engineering companies thanks to high quality drilling and sampling tools as well as very strict quality supervision by our engineers. Our equipment included:
Undisturbed triple sampler Mazier
Hydraulic piston thin-walled sampler
Undisturbed Core Pack sampler
Pressuremeter Test, Menard Type G
Double core barrel
Triple core barrel
Double packer for Lugeon Test, GeoPro

Taking UD samble by Hydraulic piston
thin-wall sampler

Taking Block soil sample at Nui Phao Mining