Mineral Exploration Drilling

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Drilling through 30m of un-compacted rockfill using DTH overburden drilling system - Thong Nhat Coal Mine, Quang Ninh - Vietnam

Drilling and coring using Boart Longyear DB 520 hydraulic drill
 at Phu Kham Gold Mine, Lao PDR

Boart Longyear DB 520 hydraulic drill working at Bai Chay Bridge

Operate reverse circulation (RC) drilling system for mineral exploration and grade control

Indochina Geotechnics has a very new and modern fleet of drilling equipment. Most of the drilling equipment is sourced from the Boart Longyear Company and is manufactured in Australia and Europe.

The drilling equipment is safety certified and maintained to meet all Australia and EU standards for rotating machinery and drilling. The drilling equipment is supported by tooling provided by the Boart Longyear Company and other major international suppliers of drilling accessories.

By using the advanced drilling equipment, tools and fluids, our well trained drilling teams can achieve very high production and core recovery rates in the toughest conditions of different mineral exploration or geotechnical investigation projects. The company is one of very few drilling contractors in Vietnam that are using wide range of modern core drilling and sampling tools including:

+ Double tube wireline system - HQ, NQ (Longyear design)
+ Triple tube wireline system: HQ3, NQ3 (Longyear design)
+ Triple tube conventional system: HMLC, NMLC (Trefius design)
+ Double tube metric conventional system: T2 76; T2 86; T6 76; T6 86, T6 116
+ Rotary soil core barrels:, Denison, Mazier

Indochina Geotechnics JSC is proud to become the first Vietnamese company that owns and operates a reverse circulation (RC) drilling system for mineral exploration and grade control in the first large scale RC job in Vietnam. By using RC system, the significant cost (up to 50%) and time saving (up to 400%) has been achieved in comparison with diamond core drilling method while the quality of samples still meet the highest requirements of the mining industry.

The company is also developing new drilling and sampling methods including RAB and air-coring technics as the answers to demands for acceptable sample quality but rapid and lower cost per meter of exploration drilling in the country.

Our drilling crews also have expertise and tooling to get quickly and safely though most challenging grounds including saturated loose sand and gravels, un-compacted rock fills and overburden soils using wire-line casing advancers, symmetric overburden and exocentric overburden drilling systems.

Taking RC sample

Coal exploration at VIETMINDO Coal Mine, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Using wireline core drilling system

Bore-hole logging to confirm parameters of coal seams in Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Drilling of 300 m deep, inclined hole using Boart Longyear DB 525 hydraulic drill KSO Gold Mine