Drilling machines và Boart LongYear wireline core drilling systems


The use of wireline drilling techniques began in early 1940’s within the oil industry. Boart Longyear developed the wireline core retrieval system in 1958, being the first diamond drilling exploration product manufacturer to offer this revolutionary system. Since then, much ingenuity has been applied to the development of the wireline systems by the Company.
With the wireline system, at the end of each coring run, the inner tube, together with the core lifter assembly and the core, is extracted from the hole by unlatching it from the outer tube and hoisting it through the inside of the drill rods by means of a surface mounted, power driven wireline cable reel. At the start of each successive coring run, an empty inner tube is dropped or lowered into the inside of the string of the drill rods until it latches onto the outer tube with a reamer shell and diamond bit at the bottom of the hole. The string of rods is hoisted from the borehole only to replace the diamond core bit.
Wireline systems enable safer, faster and deeper drilling of exploration holes since significant reduction in the time wasted by rod handling, caving is reduced as rods remain in the hole minimizing the hole wall damages and increase in the coring bit life with decrease diamond loss. Much higher core recovery rates can be achieved with the wireline drilling, and various in-hole testing devices (packers, survey and other instruments) can be lowered safely and efficiently with the wireline list though the drill rods.
An wireline drilling system consists of the main components as follows: wireline bits, wireline core barrel and overshot, and wireline rods.
Boart Longyear wireline drilling systems has been used efficiently in Vietnam for several decades by major exploration drilling companies in Vietnam. Boart Longyear drilling machines and down-hole tools have important role in building of capacity and reputations for a number of drilling contractors in Vietnam.


  • Genuine QTM Wireline Systems

Genuine Q™ wireline systems are ideal for use in most drilling conditions and are available for application in standard DCDMA hole sizes (A, B, N, H, P). Boart Longyear currently offers four models of the wireline core barrel system: Q™ / Q™TK / Q™3 / Q™TT

  • Q™ / Q™TK – wireline systems consist of the core barrel assembly and the overshot assembly. Both assemblies are integral to the wireline system. The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube group and outer-tube group.
  • The outer-tube group always remains at the bottom of the hole and houses the inner-tube group during the drilling process.
  • Q™TK or Q Thin Kerf systems are optimized to allow for a larger core sample while retaining the same hole, low fluid pressure, and robust inner- and outer-tubes. QTK systems are offered in the A, B and N sizes.
  • Q™3- Q3 wireline systems consist of the same groups as the Q and QTK but utilize a third tube called an inner-tube liner or split tube. The liner is placed inside the inner-tube. Q3 systems enable integral core recovery when drilling coal, clay bearing or highly fractured formations. The liner, or split tube, retains the core sample in its received state for easier loading into sample trays or for storage and subsequent presentation to the geologist. The Q3 system is only available in surface configurations and is available in N, H and P sizes.
  • Q™TT – QTT system is similar to the Q3 system but includes a specialized core lifer case and bit. These components enable change in the water flow by creating a seal which routes water flow away from the inner-tube – further improving core recovery.

We maintain a stock of core barrel assemblies, parts and diamond tools of BQ, NQ, NQTK, HQ và PQ sizes in Hanoi, ready to support drilling crews in the Indochina countries.


A deep-hole exploration project using Boart Longyear drilling tools in Vietnam


Boart Longyear wireline drill rods are available ex-stocks in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Patented QTM và RQTM Wireline Drill Rods

  • Q® rods are the undisputed, worldwide choice for wireline coring drill rods with millions of rods are being manufactured and sold worldwide.
  • All Boart Longyear wireline drill rods are made of high quality alloy steel tubing with consistent concentricity, straightness and heat treatment; all tubing are available in DCDMA sizes.
  • Significant research, development and field testing has resulted in a hardening process that is unmatched in the marketplace.
  • The patented RQ® rods feature a combination of exclusive heat treatments and innovative engineering to provide the ultimate in performance and longevity. RQ® drill rods expand your drilling capabilities and lower your total drill rod cost per meter/foot in deep, deviated and demanding wireline coring applications.
  • Rod available with the genuine Q® thread, the high load-efficiency patented RQ® thread or HD thread. In addition, all V-Wall™ rods undergo the unique combination of heat treatment processes for performance in demanding applications. The V-Wall design reduces rod weight; improves safety on and around a drill site, increases depth capacity of any drill; improves performance in wedging and deviated hole applications and increases core barrel descent speed – that bring spend more time for drilling (up to 50% when used with Quick Descent™ head assemblies).

Boart Longyear also manufacture and supply conventional drill rods of the industry standard DCDMA WJ threads and reliable friction welded construction and different casing sizes with universal W threads or improved heavy duty WT threads.



Cỡ* Core Diameter Hole Diameter









BQ 36.4 1-7/16 60.0 2-23/64
NQ 47.6 1-7/8 75.7 2-63/64
HQ 63.5 2-1/2 96.0 3-25/32
PQ 85.0 3-11/32 122.6 4-53/64
QTK (Thin Kerf)
BQTK 40.7 1-39/64 60.0 2-23/64
NQTK 50.6 2 75.7 2-63/64
Q3 (Triple Tube)
NQ3 45.0 1-25/32 75.7 2-63/64
HQ3 61.1 2-13/32 96.0 3-25/32
PQ3 83.0 3-9/32 122.6 4-53/64

Note: * Oversized diamond bits and reamer shells are available on request




Rod Size



Joint ID (mm)

Body ID


Weight / 3m (KG)

Depth Capacity


BQ 55.60 46.10 46.10 18.00 1500
NQ 69.90 60.30 60.30 23.40 1500
NQ V-WALL 69.90 60.30 62.00 20.42 1680
NRQ 69.90 60.30 60.30 23.40 3000
NRQ V-WALL 69.90 60.30 62.00 20.42 3300
HQ 88.90 77.80 77.80 34.50 1500
HQ V-WALL 88.90 77.80 81.00 27.22 2000
HRQ 88.90 77.80 77.80 34.50 2500
HRQ V-WALL 88.90 77.80 81.00 27.22 3050
PHD 114.00 102.00 102.00 52.20 1500
PHD V-WALL 114.00 102.00 106.00 37.21 2000

Note: ** Rod capabilities and failure loads were determined by an independent facility. A safety factor has been applied for the above ratings (applies to new, unused Boart Longyear rods used in a straight vertical hole, assuming compliance to wireline drill rod care and handling manual and standard core drilling practices).


Casing Size



ID (mm)

Thread Pitch


Weight/ (KG/3m)
HWT 114.3 101.6 10.2 52.2
PWT 139.7 127.0 10.2 64.3


Diamond core bits, PCD bits, reamer shells, rod and casing shoes

Bits have very important role in production and quality of core drilling operations. Boart Longyear bits and diamond tools are products of continuing innovation towards long life (i.e. can drill more meters), high production (i.e. can cut faster) in all geological formations from broken abrasive rocks to extremely hard and fine grained. Boart Longyear has a long tradition of making diamond bits and a lot of know-hows in the quality diamond selection, matrix designs, and bonding technology to assure perfect bonding of diamond stones in the matrix and eliminate diamond peeling off the matrix while cutting.

The selection of right bits for the job is crucial in diamond drilling operation. The following factors need to be considered for the bit selection:

  • Hardness of rocks and stratigraphy of the ground.
  • Fracture degree and abrasiveness of rocks
  • Power of drilling machine: HP, RPM and related Torques
  • Skill level of the crew

Cost of diamond bits usually is only a fraction of the total cost of drilled meter (it is estimated at 4 -6 % in Vietnam). Boart Longyear new generation diamond bits have been proved in different sites in Vietnam and Laos. Orange and Red bits can freely cut through extremely hard rocks like glassy quarts or very fine grained rhyolites while still maintain a good bit life. With one or two bits, some crew can finish a medium depth hole.

Indochina Geotechnics maintains a good number of diamond bits and reamer shells to satisfy demands of drillers from different sites in the region.

We also have experience in the supply of other high quality PCD bits, tricone bits, air core bits and other tooling including water swivels, hoist plugs, subs, rod-casing cutters, casing advancers for drilling though highly collapsible formations…Many of these tools are available ex-stocks at our warehouse in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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