Ground Stabilization

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    Equipment and facilities are rich and modern

  • Consolidation and permeation grouting operations are closely connected to drilling jobs. Indochina Geotechnics has a complete set of innovative equipment and tooling for the field operations of drilling and grouting including drilling equipment and tools, grout mixers and agitators, inflatable packers, grout pumps and mechanical and electronic grout recorders. We are also knowledgeable in cement and chemical grouting. We know the ground and we know grouts and we know how to put them together.

Thi công khoan phụt vữa gia cố - chống thấm tại công trình thủy điện tại Lào theo qui trình hiện đại

Thi công khoan phụt vữa gia cố - chống thấm tại công trình thủy điện tại Lào theo qui trình hiện đại

Drilling and grouting operations at a hydropower projects in Laos following GIN method.

  • Indochina Geotechnics is capable of performing drilling and grouting jobs for ground consolidation or waterproofing in hydropower and other civil engineering projects. We can implement special grouting methods like GIN (Grout Intensity Number), TAM (Tube a Manchette). We also can work with silicate grouts for consolidation of alluvial sediments, etc. We can build a grouting plant to suit the specific applications.

Drilling of 20 m drainage holes through 7 m of heavy reinforce concrete and 13 m of earth fill
Drilling of 40 m anchor holes with casing through thick alluvial deposits and boulders
  • Anchor, drainage and other stabilization hole drilling – Indochina Geotechnics is capable of drilling of anchor holes, water wells and micro piles in difficult ground conditions. In combination with the overburden drilling and casing advancing tools, and expertise, our company has completed many 168 mm dia. holes to the depths of 40 m through extremely difficult grounds consisting of saturated alluvial sands, gravels and cobles into solid rock formations for the installation of prestressed cable anchors in Vietnam. The similar drilling techniques are also required in drilling of drainage holes in landslide prevention or other soil stabilization projects.