Conventional double and triple tube coring systems


  • For majority of drilling contractors in Vietnam who are of small size business operating small mechanical rigs with conventional tooling, Indochina Geotechnics has introduced high quality double and triple coring systems with stationary inner tubes for improvement of production and quality of coring and sampling operations, including:

    • + Boart Longyear LTK 48 và LTK 60 core barrels and tools Boart Longyear

    • + GWS, ES-D double tube coring systems with elastic sleeves from K Maikai in Japan

    • + T2 và T6 metric double tube core barrels and tools from EU

    • + Trifeus NMLC, HMLC triple tube core barrels

    • + Mazier soil core barrels



Size Hole Diameter
Core Diameter (mm) Đặc tính
LTK 48 48.0 35.3 Rugged conventional systems by Boart Longyear, compatible with AQ và BQ wireline systems
LTK 60 60.0 43.9
NMLC 75.69 51.94 Triple tube core barrels with additional split tubes, sturdy design, can do good sampling in broken formations, can be used with all drilling fluids including bentonites and polymers
HMLC 99.21 63.50
GW/GWS Double tube coring systems with optional elastic sleeves (GWS) for sampling of broken rocks, overburden soils (always specified for core sampling of CDM). K Maikai’s Japan patented clearance adjustment system for control the fluid passage space without disassemble or additional parts. Thin-kerf bits, penetration, high core recovery in friable grounds. Flushing with or polymer drilling fluids.
66 66.0 50.0
76 76.0 60.0
86 86.0 70.0
ES-D Similar to GW/GWS core barrels but improved with wider flushing clearance for accepting bentonite based muds or thicker drilling fluids.
66 66.5 50.0
76 76.5 60.0
86 86.5 70.0
T2 Thin kerf double tube core barrel and tools, metric system. High penetration rates and good core recovery in competent rocks and concrete. Flushing with thin fluids (water, polymers or very thin bentonite based fluids)
46 46.3 31.7
56 56.3 41.7
66 66.3 51.7
76 76.3 61.7
86 86.3 71.7
101 101.3 83.7
T6 Double tube core barrel and tools, metric system. More sturdy than T2 system. Relatively thin kerf. High penetration. Can be used in all ground conditions including broken grounds. Can be used with thicker flushing fluids like bentonite muds.
76 76.3 57
86 86.3 67
101 101.3 79
116 116.3 93
131 131.3 108
146 146.3 123
  • Common sizes of double and triple tube coring systems like 76 and 86 mm are usually stocked items in the warehouse of Indochina Geotechnics in Hanoi.
    T2 and T6 coring tools are now commonly used in Vietnam in shallow mineral drilling projects and in geotechnical drilling projects in Vietnam.
    Indochina Geotechnics also supply thin wall core bits for laboratory test sampling and hole opening in concretes, concrete with the tools imported from reputable bit makers in South Africa. The high quality concrete bits can cut through heavily reinforced concretes with good penetration rates while cheap products from the region cannot do.
    With many years in the drilling business, we always have right tools for your jobs. Just call us if you need any drilling tools for your exploration or geotechnical drill job in Vietnam and Laos. We can supply you with few T2-76 core lifters to a large core barrels for drilling & sampling of 180 mm or bigger holes, retreiving 150 mm diameter or larger core samples.
    We are not the cheapest supplier in the market, but we are always among the most reliable suppliers of innovative drilling tools and equipment in Vietnam