Geotechnical Products


Indochina Geotechnical provides complete geotechnical, engineering and environmental monitoring systems with equipment from famous brands from the US, EU, Korea, India… including:

  • Piezometers: electrical piezometers, vibrating wire piezometers VWP, Casagrande piezometers and portable readout units, water level indicators
  • Inclinometer readout system, In-place inclinometers, inclinometer casing
  • Tiltmeters
  • Magnet extensometers
  • Borehole and surface extensometers, retrievable extensometers
  • Vibrating wire settlement systems
  • Strain gages
  • Temperature sensors
  • Anchor load cells
  • Hydrological and meteorological instruments
  • Environmental sensors
  • Datalogers and telemetry systems

Practice spot welding stress-strain sensors and test the anchor end stress gauge at the office before installation in the field

Though there are increasing number of new geotechnical instrumentation companies in Vietnam

Indochina Geotechnics still maintain its position among the most reliable geotechnical instrumentation provider in Vietnam because:


We have ability not only to sell instruments but also to design, build and monitor a complete instrumentation systems to meet customer’s intended targets. We have a competent team with extensive experience in the field, from various applications with instruments from different suppliers. We can supply and build instrumentation systems with manual reading, wire or wireless and web-based data retrieval options.


We can have common instruments and parts stocked in Hanoi including:

Water level indicators with 30, 50 và 100 m of cable
ABS inclinometer casing Φ 70 mm
Casagrande piezometer tips
Magnet extensometer readouts, spider, plate and datum magnets for the use with local 34 mm dia. PVC pipes or for the use with 70 mm dia. inclinometer casing
Cables for electronic sensors
Some dataloggers and peripherals.


We can supply complete systems at competitive prices because:

a) customers do not have to pay for simple and basic instruments or parts when they can be sources locally at much lower cost;

b) customers do not have to pay for the provisional equipment

c) customers pay only for instruments that have been proven and guaranteed to work.


We have backup readout units to support customers in case their equipment are returned for service or repairs.


We can handle regular maintenance and minor repairs for the instrumentation following the manufacturer’s procedures and specifications.


We have maintain good relationships with reputable manufacturers through purchase orders and personal meeting and communications.


  • Inflatable packers inflated by high pressure air or water are commonly used in bore-hole water permeability tests, in consolidation and permeation grouting operations at greater depths and in TAM (Tube a Manchette) grouting method.
  • We supply single, double inflatable packers of 28 through 170 mm in diameters for the use in boreholes of 35 through 320 mm in diameters.
  • We also supply special packers including TAM packers, wire-line packers, sampling packers for different zones in wells, packers for remedy of water wells, etc.…
  • The packers comes for reputable manufacturers in Europe. We have packers of common sizes of 54, 64 and 72 mm in stock in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Indochina Geotechnics supply a complete grout equipment for the field operations including mixers- agitators, pumps and recorders:

  • High speed colloidal mixers and agitators for cement and bentonite
  • Low speed paddle type mixers, engine or hydraulically driven
  • Grout pumps: piston and screw types
  • Mechanical or electronic pressure / volume recorders for grouting operations and permeability tests.