Geotechnical And Environmental Instrumentation

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    With more than 20 years of experience

  • With over 20 year in the instrumentation business, the company’s management together with the instrumentation team has acquired valued experience in the field of selection, design, installation and monitoring of instrumentation systems of different manufacturers from USA, Canada, EU, Korea, India…for various applications.

Lắp đặt quan trắc lún theo lớp, quan trắc chuyển vị ngang trên hiện trường

Lắp đặt quan trắc lún theo lớp, quan trắc chuyển vị ngang trên hiện trường

Borehole installation of inclinometer/ magnet extensometer and measurement of inclinometer in the field

  • The company has a complete set of portable readout units for common instruments in the market including water level indicators, magnet extensometer probes, vibrating wire data recorder, strain gages recorder, etc. ABS inclinometer casing of 70 mm OD, Casagrande piezometer tips, spider, datum and plate magnets, strain gauges, anchor load cells… are kept in the company’s warehouse, can be ready for field installation.
    We have capacity of building an automated monitoring systems with various data telemetry options: wire or wireless and web-based. We continue to improve the data presentation for data collected from Internet.

Integration of data acquisition system before the field installation of the landslide monitoring station

  • Our instrumentation team is supported by the drilling teams within the company and we offer a complete package in the instrumentation business.
    We are happy to work on a highway project with few inclinometer holes, magnet extensometers and piezometers as well as a big dam instrumentation project with sophisticated data acquisition, data collection and presentation systems. Just give us an opportunity to quote when you have inquiry for instrumentation.